Take your small business online and grow the numbers of customers you can reach! Now you can boost your business by offering what you do online not only locally but to attendees or students located nationally and internationally.


LoginClassRoom.com allows you to train and or educate students, customers, patients, suppliers and anyone you wish to train online via our unique e-learning platform and content management system, and be up and running to do so within minutes!


It empowers those organizations and businesses to take their offering online right away and to start educating or informing their customer base.


A typical user of this service would be a trainer of students, a practitioner training patients and any business that needs to train and educate outside third parties that would pay to access these services. Examples include dieticians, psychologists, life coaches, therapists, facilitators, mediators, cooking class trainers, colleges, education providers, foreign language teachers, trainers of different courses such as photography and other topics, travel and other presentations, and many more!


Benefits include:

  • Students can now access your education and training content via our state of the art online education systems. No expensive or time consuming development needed on your part. Simply “plug and play”!
  • Your students receive a unique login generated by you as an admin via this website and only see your content and are not exposed to other providers. They cannot see who the other providers are, not can they register or sign up for anyone else’s course
  • As a Provider, you can offer your courses or training within minutes of signing up and grow with us as your needs change. You only pay when you use! You use nothing, you pay nothing. If you are successful, we are successful together.
  • There are no contract terms and no monthly fees! Our success is built upon yours!
  • That makes this a risk free win/win proposition for your business?
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Our unique profit sharing RISK FREE business model allows you, as a supplier to only pay us a percentage of the income you receive from students that pay you to use our systems! This means you have no fixed overhead, pay us NO monthly or other fees or charges and ONLY pay us if you make money with us! Your payment would be a small percentage of what you invoiced through the system, charged monthly in arrears, and would decrease as your volumes grow. Rates start at 20% and decrease to 5%, charged on monthly usage. (* See below for the Fair usage policy) For example, based on your monthly invoicing via this platform, you will be charged a percentage at the end of each month. See below -


Monthly invoicing - up to US$ 500 p/m = You pay 20%

Monthly invoicing - Between US$ 500 and $ 1000 p/m = You pay 15%

Monthly invoicing - Between US$ 1001 and $ 2500 p/m = You pay 12.5%

Monthly invoicing - Between US$ 2501 and $ 5000 p/m = You pay 10%

Monthly invoicing - Between US$ 5001 and $ 10000 p/m = You pay 8%

Monthly invoicing - Between US$ 10001 and $ 15000 p/m = You pay 6%

Monthly invoicing - Above US$ 15 000 p/m = You pay 5%

(Note: If you feel your needs would be better served by having your own dedicated e-learning platform, we can deliver this via another option catered for via www.platformwiz.com. Here you can obtain a dedicated platform on your own url for US$ 1 000 per month).

(A fair usage policy exists whereby you cannot charge nothing to your users and or have them pay your offline or as part of another part of your program to avoid paying our commissions. We therefore will charge you a minimum fee of $10 per user per month that is active within your account, or the prescribed percentage of your invoicing, whichever is greater. This means if you don’t want to pay anything, don’t issue logins. Once you do, those people to whom you have issued logins need to be paying customers or you need to be prepared to pay US$ 10 per month on each of their behalfs)